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Buried Alive
TV Movie - Released: 2006
Actor- Played the Role of Mark Decker

Manhattan fireman Mark Decker (Vincent Spano) visits his son Steven at his ex-wife Emma's (Alexandra Paul) new apartment for the first time, which is located on one of her father’s, Donald Richardson's (Robert Pine) development estates, at the foot of Diamond-Back Mountain. But Don's ambitious executive Stewart Hancock (Jay Pickett), who dreams of his own firm, has been cutting too many corners, at the expense of safety, and in an instant, the earth breaks open, swallowing hikers, trees, and electrical towers, and turns an entire mountainside into a rolling avalanche of soil, timber, and rock - destroying everything in its path. Mark gets trapped with Steven and has to protect him from dangers unknown back in the city - like rattlesnakes awoken early from hibernation. The father-son time spent in this life-threatening situation brings them closer together, as they fight to survive and find a way to break through to the daylight above, so they can reunite with Emma.

L&O SVU: Meeting Benson
Anniversary DVD


Uruguayan rugby team stranded in the snow swept Andes are forced to use desperate measures to survive after a plane crash.

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