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TV Movie - Released: 1992
Actor- Played the Role of Ted Harduvel

Air Force Captain Ted Harduvel (Vincent Spano) was one of the best fighter pilots a country could hope for. Loyal, hardworking, eagle-eyed, he knew enough to rely on the instruments in his plane to guide him safely home. Which is why, when he died in a plane crash in Korea, his wife Janet (Laura Dern) was astounded to discover that the Air Force had blamed his death on pilot error. Working with her lawyer (Robert Loggia), she discovers that there was every possibility the instruments in the F-16 were at fault, and the military had initiated a cover-up. For Janet Harduvel, her husband's good name is all she has left of him and she'll fight to preserve it. Based on a true story, one woman takes on the military and the makers of the F-16, fighting for the man she loved, who can no longer defend himself. Laura Dern won the Golden Globe for her fierce and touching performance.

L&O SVU: Meeting Benson
Anniversary DVD


Uruguayan rugby team stranded in the snow swept Andes are forced to use desperate measures to survive after a plane crash.

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