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Good Morning, Babylon
Feature - Released: 1987
Actor- Played the Role of Nicola Bonnano

This film places two young Italian immigrants, Nicola (Vincent Spano) and Andrea (Joaquim deAlemeida) in a true historical setting of moviemaking in the early1900s. The two handsome young architects leave Italy to find work in America because their father's architect business had been failing, and they promised him they would make money in America and then bring him over. When the young men arrive, no one will hire them for the type of skilled work they are capable of, and end up with humiliating jobs that keep them stuck in poverty. Eventually, the Italians come across the great film producer, D.W. Griffith, who has just viewed the Italian film, "Cabiria" (produced in about 1914). Griffith declares it the greatest movie he's ever seen, and inspired by it, starts a new film, "Intolerance". The Italians, trying to win a job, create an impressive elephant statue for the backdrop of the movie, but alas, jealous production crew-members destroy it. Again, the young men confront despair and hopelessness, as well as prejudice. The only thing that seems to keep their spirits up is the romantic involvement with two lovely American women and their own drive for success. At last, their lives take a turn for the better, and happiness comes to them, but again tragedy strikes and a wall of dissension divides the brothers until bringing them together in the battlefield where they are fighting on opposing sides in WWI.

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