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I’ve been teaching one-on-one students remotely on Skype and it works great. Basically, I read the scenes with them if they don’t have anyone to work together with on their end of the webcam. Students still have tremendous growth in this process. It doesn’t really matter that your scene partner is not there in front of you – the only thing you can’t really do is blocking (unless you want to make use of certain props on your own.) We’re in a day and age when a lot of what we do is based on self-reliance. Self-tapes are often done looking into a phone’s camera lens and imagining what someone is saying to you. And with so many special effects driven films, you’re often imagining things on a green screen that aren’t there, that you must create and make real for yourself. Add to that being talked through reactions from off screen, talking to a piece of tape or the lens box for eye line, being on one end of a phone call with the other party not present, private moments when you’re all alone in scene, lines being read by a non-actor off camera, doing your coverage with a stand-in if the principal actor is not on set, etc., etc.

If any of the above resonates with you and makes you feel like your life would be so much better if you had the ideal "state-of-mind" along with certain tools and disciplines, please consider private coaching. More than anything else, it can elevate your life and career to where you truly want it to be. I find that working closely with fellow actors only helps me to further sharpen my own creativity and skills. Also, my Production Company is always looking for new, promising talent. Whether you're new to your craft or have an established career and would like to explore uplevelling your skills, or just "staying in shape", please contact me.**

Please send us an email stating your intention / goal and we'll guide you on moving forward to schedule a session:

[email protected]


** Vincent will make himself available when possible for one-on-one, in person coaching. Availability is based on his non-work day schedule. Remote sessions can be scheduled if his geographical location is not convenient for the student.

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