Kevin is a teacher and author who’s fallen on hard times--struggling in every way. He questions the very meaning of life. It is then that he crosses paths with Jason, a 12 year old orphan, who is dying of a terminal illness while in the care of a State-mandated hospital program. Kevin feels compelled to volunteer so he can spend time with Jason. Kevin decides to make sacrifices and give him everything he can. A father-and-son-like bond develops that is profound for them both - one neither has ever really had. But bigger forces are at work, and unbeknownst to Kevin, he’s being challenged by the soul-world … and his sacrifice for this boy has the potential to bring him an unimaginable experience.



A fascinating account of the little-known history of the very first American casualty in Vietnam, , who was killed in September of 1945. This terrific story tracks the end of World War II and how America had to go into Vietnam along with our allies to get our prisoners out of the Japanese POW camps, and make a case for war crimes.  We see how we were first training Ho Chi Min’s army, whom we considered the best leader at the time for democracy in the region, as numerous parties were fighting for control of Vietnam.  We also see how hated the French were for their colonial presence there, and how they didn’t stand a chance against the nationals who had a history of destroying any and every invader.  A truly fascinating history lesson with many unknown and shocking facts.





Just as Mike thought things couldn’t get any worse, someone hacks into his bank account and steals his last few dollars, leaving him desolate and broke. But the incident leaves a seed of thought planted in Mike’s mind. At the end of his rope, with no hope of things getting any better, and fighting to get his family back, Mike begins tampering with identity theft. A few hundred dollars here, a thousand dollars there. Then one day, the ultimate identity falls into his lap - all the personal and private information of a deceased individual who left behind millions. With nothing more to lose, and everything to regain, Mike decides to abandon himself, to subsume his old history entirely and become … A.K.A.

What started out as a simple and seemingly harmless scheme, spirals into a world of dark, horrifying shadows, spinning Mike into a violent and desperate struggle for his life and the lives of everyone closest to him. But it’s a long road back to yesterday, when you’re lost in the horrors of another person’s supernatural tomorrow …



Mike is a great baseball player. He’s smart, talented and an asset to any team. But he is also not very tall nor a big home run hitter. This is the story of Mike’s journey in the world of major league baseball, during a time when the long ball hitter meant more than the all around great player. Through hardship and misfortune, Mike is challenged again and again to get his fair shot in the starting lineup of a major league team. Stuck in the minors for years, Mike persists beyond the limits of most men, until one day that persistence pays off in the most unlikely of ways.



A dark  shadow violates the minds of two professional killers, Gio and Tony. They blindly obey the murderous orders of their Boss. Their normal routine is broken when he commands them to include a young, beautiful and rebellious girl into their partnership. Of all people, she is the Boss's  daughter. This breaks the balance they have  maintained for years, when she falls in love with Tony. Their affair inevitably leads to an unexpected and shocking ending.