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You will be notified as soon as there’s an open spot. Then you can pay for the class and your six-week cycle of six classes will begin on the first Wednesday after you've signed up.

It’s such a blessing when we get to actually work as actors. Most of us don’t even consider it ‘work.’ We get to do what we absolutely love to do and get paid for it. And sometimes we get paid very well for it. It is because of this potential high which can change your life in so many ways when you achieve success, that the lows along the way can be very challenging and painful. It is a high stakes endeavor that takes courage and determination.

I have lived these challenges, so I can relate. The lows and the highs. Then the lows and the highs all over again. I can help you navigate this journey, both as an artist and an independent business person.

When I work with actors, my intention is to guide them towards achieving visceral results which they can confirm for themselves through experience. Some of the things I cover in my sessions are:

• A more graceful and enjoyable approach to both preparation and creating

• Greater accessibility to your “human-ness” (emotions, thoughts, feelings)

• The joy of playing pretend

• Stripping away all that is unimportant and distracting

• The foundation of natural law and how it applies to creating as an actor

• Self-reliance when preparing for an audition or working on a film or show

• Confidence and relaxation during auditions

• An understanding of how to best interface with the reality of the “Industry”

I keep my classes small so everyone works, every class. Also, everyone gets to do their scene twice - after you've created your scene once, you get feedback and direction, and then get to create it again. This allows for experiential growth within each class.

Everyone who signs up will participate in six classes on Zoom over six consecutive Wednesdays.

After you sign up, you'll be contacted and a scene will be chosen for you to work on for your first class. All classes will begin with a simple overview of the class structure, an intro of how I like to work and my thoughts on acting in general. This will also be an open forum to get any of your questions answered. Don't be surprised if there are improvs to accompany and deepen the scene you're working on. There will also be an option to discuss ideas and strategies when it comes to interfacing with the industry.

New scenes will be assigned during the course, based on progress in the current scene you're working on. You can always rehearse between classes with your scene partner if you choose, but this is not required ... self-reliance is priceless when it comes to preparation.

In the past I've taught live classes, one-on-one coaching sessions, and now I'm very excited to teach this online scene study class. This course is suited for both beginners and those of you who have years of acting experience and success.

Limitations only really exist inside our own minds ... and I think you'll be quite pleased with what we can accomplish together online.

I really hope you'll be able to join the class and I look forward to seeing you soon!



“Vincent’s class was something I hadn’t expected. Not only was there real teaching going on but it felt like you had a seasoned director working with you as well. The students made incredible progress while I was in the class and I did the best acting I’ve ever done in my career. Vincent’s guidance was exceptional.”

Matthew Michael Ross - Actor, Director, Writer


“An essential quality of a great director or acting coach is the ability to create a safe and free atmosphere: one that gives you access to your full potential and spectrum as a creative artist. Vincent’s energy and intention as a coach have always inspired precisely this, a light-filled petri dish for your most vulnerable and creative gems to come out and play. Finding an experienced professional suffused with an open, non-judgmental and passionate devotion to his art form is priceless. Vincent has been instrumental in helping me blossom fearlessly as an artist, as my coach, scene partner and co-star.”

Beatrix Michelet - Actress, Writer, Producer


“What separates Vincent from other acting teachers is his ability to individualize his coaching by identifying each actors' singular strengths. This is so important because we are all unique humans with different innate approaches to life and art. His being well versed in the whole gamut of acting techniques, helps him with this process. His 40-plus-year acting career, working with some of the greatest actors and filmmakers in the world, doesn't hurt either. But most of all it's his loving, trustworthy, compassionate approach which makes you feel safe, and enables you to blossom under his guidance. I know firsthand, because not only did we co-teach an acting class together, but he also coached me on my first major acting role in a feature film!”

Nick Gaglia - Actor, Director, Writer


“Vincent brings the experience and knowledge gained from working at the highest level, in film and theater for over forty years, to his teaching. He’s an immensely talented actor, but more importantly, knows how to pass it on. You would be a fool not to take advantage!“

Bernard Rose - Director ("Immortal Beloved", "Candyman")


"I started working with Vincent over a year ago via online one-on-one coaching. Vincent’s vast experience, clear direction, versatility, and positive energy within each session provides me with an opportunity for growth that supersedes any coaching that I have received since making the journey as a creative artist. His coaching techniques have provided me with a comprehensive roadmap that I will continue to use when immersing myself in our session scripts and character development. I have developed a deeper connection with the mental, physical, and emotional elements of my creative self, my creative expression, and being present in each and every moment. I am truly grateful for Vincent’s support, guidance and friendship. I look forward to building on what we have already accomplished in the coming months and years. It gives me great pride to recommend Vincent to any Actor/Actress that is truly committed to becoming a better version of themselves personally and professionally.”

Mason Cromwell – Actor


“Stepping out of myself and into acting class was a life changing experience. Vince took time, effort and care to help me refine my acting skills. His teaching also brought focus on merging life-building skills, which has been such an inspiration of change in my life. Thank you Vincent for using your talent and skills for teaching others."

Jodi Hobbs - Actress


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Copyright Notice: Sessions are to be experienced live, and no audio or video recording of any of the classes is permitted.

Class Cancellations: Should you be unable to attend for any reason, please inform us in writing no later than 3 days prior to your first class for a refund. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received less than 3 days prior to your first class.






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