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Having read more than a thousand scripts, given notes to many of his close screenwriting colleagues (see testimonials below) and written original screenplays himself, Vincent can provide you with valuable feedback on your original or adapted screenplay.

He is always looking for good material and his hope is that through reading submitted scripts and consulting with writers, he may find story gems out there and build relationships with promising writers.

Please email us* if you're interested in having a reading consultation set up with him and we'll forward you a Release Form to submit along with your screenplay and details on his fee schedule, including payment & consultation procedures:

[email protected]

(*do not submit scripts electronically until you have submitted a signed Release Form.  Any email with a script attached, prior to having submitted an executed Release Form will be deleted along with the attachment)


"Vincent … Thank you for your meaningful thoughts over the years when you've read early drafts of my screenplays.  Your in-depth ideas and suggestions have often shed light on ways to strengthen my "labor of love" creations that I am so deeply immersed in.  You have the gift of "story" and I have only benefited from your detailed comments and excellent intuition."

John Fusco, screenwriter of  HidalgoSpirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Thunderheart, Young Guns I & II


"Vincent is a terrific actor with an ear for naturalistic dialogue - having read so many solid scripts and worked with so many talented writers and directors - he has first hand knowledge and insights into what makes a script work."

Jon Herzfeld, screenwriter of  2 Days in the Valley15 Minutes, Voices


"As a writer, among my most valuable tools are the few close friends whom I trust and respect to give me honest, unbiased & insightful feedback.  Vincent is one of those friends.  His accurate & thoughtful notes at different points in my writing process are consistently helpful and constructive."

David Marconi, screenwriter of  Live Free or Die HardEnemy of the State

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