Sangue Caldo: Episode #1.5
TV Series - Released: 2011
Actor- Played the Role of Mauro Malaspina
Book 5 in

It’s the late 1950’s in Rome, Italy, and Arturo La Paglia, (Gabriel Garko) is planning his biggest score – the bank robbery of the century – so he can then live happily ever after with Anna Rosi (Asia Argento), a young prostitute he has always loved, and her two children, Antonia and Sergio. Arturo, however, did not take into account the wickedness and cruelty of one of his accomplices, Gianni Fontana (Bruno Eyron), who is heavily in debt with loan sharks and wants the spoils of the robbery all to himself. The robbery takes place and things go terribly wrong – the money is stolen, but many are shot and killed. Arturo is the one who has possession of the loot, but he puts it into Anna’s control, so she can hide it. When Arturo ends up dead, days after the robbery, Anna is summoned by Commissioner Mauro Malaspina (Vincent Spano), who has been trying to solve the heist and killings that took place on that fateful night. When Anna herself is soon killed, orphaning her two children, the 14-year-old Antonia is taken into Malaspina’s home by he and his wife as their own daughter – though not even the young girl knows that the money has been hidden in a secret account in Switzerland so it will be there for her when she grows up. The Malaspina’s send Antonia off to a convent where she will be safe and well schooled and the years go by with the case unsolved. Malaspina and his wife go to pick up Antonia and bring her home after 7 years, and the now 21-year-old Antonia (Manuela Arcuri), has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. In an unexpected turn of events, Malaspina finds himself enchanted and obsessed with the stunning Antonia in a Nabokovian “Lolita” conundrum. This leads to the untold suffering and slow destruction of a man who was once the model of a great Commissioner and loyal husband. In the background, the vengeful Fontana still lurks, stopping at nothing to solve the mystery of the missing money and get it back into his clutches.

L&O SVU: Meeting Benson
Anniversary DVD


Uruguayan rugby team stranded in the snow swept Andes are forced to use desperate measures to survive after a plane crash.

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