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Maria's Lovers
Feature - Released: 1985
Actor- Played the Role of Al Griselli

Nastassja Kinski is radiant in this war-torn love story that breaks the eroticism barrier with an astonishing directness. Co-starring John Savage, Vincent Spano, Robert Mitchum and Keith Carradine, Maria's Lovers is a unique, compelling and intimate drama. When her teenage sweetheart Ivan (Savage) returns home from WWII, Maria (Kinski) is at first torn between him and her current decorated Fighter Pilot Ace boyfriend, Al (Spano), but his inflated ego allows her to eagerly accept Ivan’s marriage proposal, looking forward to a lifetime of happiness. Her joy is short-lived when Ivan's dark past shrouds their wedding night in misery, driving a wedge between them that neither knows how to remove. Confused and depressed, Maria attempts to mend her true love's heart despite the advances of other suitors.

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Anniversary DVD


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