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The Double McGuffin
Feature - Released: 1979
Actor- Played the Role of Foster

Specks, Homer, Foster (Vincent Spano), and Billy Ray are all junior high age buddies at a private boarding school. They have frequent minor brushes with the law, easy going Chief "Tally" Talasek (George Kennedy). The boys are boys until Homer finds a briefcase full of cash in the nearby woods. He takes his friends back to the place he hid it- and they find a dead body with a bullet in the head. The boys then take Tally back, and find nothing. A mysterious man (Ernest Borgnine) begins hanging around town, sporting Homer's found briefcase. As Tally is called in on yet another dead end investigation over the cash free case, the boys begin suspecting the mystery man of something. Our young heroes enlist the aid of school paper reporter Jody (Lisa Whelchel) and nerdy tattletale Arthur (Michael Gerard), and the group sets elaborate traps to collect evidence on the mystery man and his newly arrived henchmen. Eventually, the group must switch from evidence collecting to actually getting Tally to arrest the men before they carry out a political assassination.

L&O SVU: Meeting Benson
Anniversary DVD


Uruguayan rugby team stranded in the snow swept Andes are forced to use desperate measures to survive after a plane crash.

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