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The Rats
TV Movie - Released: 2002
Actor- Played the Role of Jack Carver

"Anywhere you go in this city, you're only about five feet from a rat." These reassuring words set the tone for The Rats, a TV movie with a rather fun attitude toward its disturbing subject. The furry creatures, thousands of ravenous, blood-thristy rats, are overrunning a Manhattan department store, with only store manager Susan (Mädchen Amick) and exterminator Jack Carver (Vincent Spano) standing between the city and the establishment of a full-scale rodent kingdom. Not only are these genetically altered creatures smarter, stronger, and bigger than normal rats, they've also acquired a taste for human flesh. Time is running out for Jack as the only man who can discover how these rodents became violent killers and stop their trail of victims before its too late. The suspense builds in the sewers and subways of Gotham as a battle rages to determine which species will survive? Man or beast? What takes this movie way beyond Willard is CGI, which brings scenes--many, many scenes--of swarming rats: rats filling a children's swimming pool, rats dropping onto a subway car, and rats teeming over unfortunate extras. The movie seems aware of the 1950s monster-movie spirit, and the rat-cam and nibbling sound effects are unleashed with glee.

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