Just posted a photo @ Provami https://t.co/608ayQjngO
Hey guys, come check out my online scene study zoom:  https://t.co/NqA1juaQF2 #actingclass #class #scenestudy… https://t.co/sFLDdjzWt5
Finally got my YouTube channel up and running. Posted a video that's a "Tribute to Italy". Please take a look when… https://t.co/uZdSN6vzBl
@Kimberly25000 Happy New Year to ALL! May your 2019 be filled with perfect health, abundance and joy! (and a specia… https://t.co/4S68MCAs59
@Dean_Devlin @LibrariansTNT Fingers are crossed, Bud...
RT @movies_uk_com: A great cast has been assembled for the action-packed crime thriller movie 'Bent' https://t.co/1OheLJCAKK https://t.co/CyRxiC8MBX
RT @verde_cgla: Very fond and proud of the creative talent that Italian #Cinema continues to bring forth! Congrats to… https://t.co/i8blX9TPJy
@Kimberly25000 Merry Christmas to all 🎄🌟 Wishing you a magical day with friends & family! 🎅🏻
@RealRonHoward Ron, your father was royalty ... I was blessed to work with him more than once and also share unforg… https://t.co/4UvKTf7max
RT @BonnieJWallace: New podcast up! Part 2 of 2 with actor @iamvincentspano. Be sure to listen in for great… https://t.co/jQvxoPXCmJ
RT @BonnieJWallace: “I think true success is being the best person you can be.” @iAmVincentSpano #actor #podcast #film #inspiration https://t.co/MJttAQlB39
RT @BonnieJWallace: “Find ways to appreciate everything, and see the blessings in everything.” @iAmVincentSpano #podcast #acting #life… https://t.co/LYTQITkwjO
RT @BonnieJWallace: “When it comes to auditions, it’s all about mentality.” @iAmVincentSpano on this week's #podcast #actor #Hollywood… https://t.co/xmTcmBUICR
Mammoth Love ... @ Town of Mammoth Lakes https://t.co/6iqUqCsNoV
Amazing day as we approach the closing night of the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival ...… https://t.co/cmSgeCvMwq
Der Commissarios’s in town! Beyond Borders- Il Mostro 3/15 CBS 10P @CriminalMindsBB @JoeMantegna @AidaTurturro925… https://t.co/5zhdH0Eb9t
CM: Beyond Borders- Il Mostro tonight CBS 10P @CriminalMindsBB @GarySinise @Alana_DeLaGarza @danielhenney… https://t.co/dpV1A1cRMV
Love you, Pal ... really gonna miss you. We had such a blast on "Indian Summer" rip #billpaxton… https://t.co/fC2i6vqCHR
Carrie, your beauty, light and joyous spirit will be so dearly missed by our WonderWell family #CarrieFisher… https://t.co/fWg9yZfZ8i
Carrie, you were a light like no other ... your joyous spirit will be missed by us all ... #CarrieFisher #condolences
I know the great Force is with you @carrieffisher … sending love and light for a perfect recovery 🌹
@Tara812 The happiest of birthdays to you, Tara 😊
Supporting Barbara Davis' remarkable "Carousel of Hope" Foundation event in Bev Hills ... @ The… https://t.co/uTgT7s24eX
One of the plaques at Original Brooklyn Water Bagel in Bev Hills ... @ Beverly Hills, California https://t.co/Qqo9QC0sJf
Last day of shooting on "Torch" up in San Fran ... @ San Francisco, California https://t.co/VZDfrYRcfV
Just wrapped "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" w/ 3 old friends, Gary Sinise, Paul Sorvino (& director Leon Ichaso) https://t.co/MBgME4GsT7
"Cabaret" LA Premiere this eve at The Pantages ... the lovely Andrea Goss was brilliant as the… https://t.co/XodiFAq9zI
@Tara812 Of course :)
@JenCat004 Don't have any photos but if you track one down, my website store has an option to send your own materials for me to sign :)
Happy Birthday, Marilyn Manson ... great group of friends at Sunset Marquis https://t.co/KKEbGMlNar
Two Italians from New York ... Moving performance tonight by Lady Gaga of her powerful song "Til… https://t.co/dOD6yvM9PM
RT @se4realhinton: @pitythebackseat @MattDillon @iAmVincentSpano the girl in the hat is Sandy King, our script person.
RT @se4realhinton: @guynormanbee @iAmVincentSpano Ha! I bet you two had fun. You know me when I am old & sweet, Vinnie knew me me when I was wild & well, etc
RT @guynormanbee: Great running in to @iAmVincentSpano last night at the DGA annual meeting... Were your ears burning @se4realhinton?! #rumblefish
RT @LisaWhelchel: @iAmVincentSpano Oh my goodness! What a blast from the past. How long has it been? Over 35 years?! You will always be "Vinnie" to me. :)
@LisaWhelchel You were a dream girl back then ... and you still are :)
RT @brittanylj22: @iAmVincentSpano I REALLY want you back on svu! Even if it's a one episode thing! Please @warrenleightTV @nbcsvu @nbc
RT @Tara812: It's freezing..about o snow..in Texas!! But @iAmVincentSpano is hot. And I guess it be alright if he followed me
RT @TheJoshuaButler: #TBT to April 3, 2003: #Deathlands premiere with @IAmVincentSpano and #JenyaLano. #ThrowbackThursday #DirectorPride http://t.co/9PSK6alaOc
RT @Tara812: My 2400 tweet is dedicated to #larryhagman my first crush, @TitosVodka for obvious reasons and @iAmVincentSpano for being such a hot Italian
RT @LianaDelmar: Happy Bday to my beautiful beloved friend @iAmVincentSpano. The superb actor and heart-trembling singer! Had a blast! http…
@AsiaArgento Kind words mean a lot from a great actress/director like you. Was fun working together on Sangue Caldo - let's do it again :)
@TheJoshuaButler @mch2k When are we making the NEXT Deathlands movie?!
RT @Jtillathekilla2: With @Illeanarama and @iAmVincentSpano after performing @livingroomshows http://t.co/bxh0TmqgPD
@TheJoshuaButler It was a blast, Josh. See you when we roam those #Deathlands or other 'lands' again.
Peter O'Toole. I will always remember with fondness the great fun we had on CREATOR. Good night, sweet prince ... http://t.co/ERQzSJq0ll
@TheViper001 Thanks James ... appreciate the good wishes. V
@DreamwithJulie @RobMorrow_ @fertileground @DavidKnell Congrats, Julie ... that's awesome!
@se4realhinton @pitythebackseat Hi Susie! Colloidal Silver to head off that cold :)
Tremendous event at House of Blues Hollywood. #NeverForget http://t.co/oAypgKqzot
Proud Director's Guild of America and #sagaftramember #unionmember! Happy Labor Day!
@DianeNeal @dmwaldron @mollydollyy @C_Shaughnessy Gotta DVR tonight ... will be at the Spazmatics concert in Lake Arrowhead :)
RT @BrendaLi1: Ventura Blvd. Cool billboard of Hallmark movie "This Magic Moment" starring @IAmVincentSpano http://t.co/HVHQhF2CfG
Jack Black rocks in "Bernie" ... thanks to Tim Robbins for a private screening in Jack's honor tonight :)
My buddy Sean Entin has made a remarkable comeback and started his own Foundation - Move2Improve http://t.co/STdym3Id Check it out!
@KaleFlowers Thank you, my friend. You and Shane were missed at the bash!
Illeana Douglas rocks in the 4th season of her web series "Easy to Assemble" ... Premiere @ Sunset 5 http://t.co/ZPkVGJB8
@carlitospaez 40 years my friend ... I am so glad you and all the survivors are with us today :)
University of Santa Monica info evening for their Master's Programs ... an amazing Edge-ucation :)
@AmbasciataUSA Sending hope & light to the families in Northern Italy ...
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