Vincent wraps on “Bent” in Rome

Vincent finally had a chance to work with his old friend, writer/director Robert Moresco, an Oscar winner for co-writing “Crash”.

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“WonderWell” wraps in Italy with Vincent as passionate fashion photographer Franco

The “WonderWell” modern day fairy tale filmed in many beautiful places in Italy, including Lago Bolsena, San Gimignano and Rome’s legendary Cinecitta Studios.

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Vincent finishes Christopher Coppola’s “Torch” in San Francisco

After shooting the jungle and cave sequences for the film in the southern most part of Central America’s Belize, Vincent wrapped up the film on the streets of San Francisco.

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Vincent's Episode of "Castle" on ABC

Vincent's guest star appearance on "Castle: Bad Santa", aired on ABC as their end of the year, Chrismas episode.

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Vincent wraps on the film musical, "Pearly Gates"

Vincent has only had a few opportunities to sing in his films, but was very pleased to play the Mayor, opposite Scott Grimes, in the film musical "Pearly Gates".

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