Your six-week cycle for six classes will begin on the Wednesday after you sign up.

STILL HAVE A FEW SPOTS OPEN FOR FEMALE ACTORS - all spots for male actors have filled (Depending on my availability, I may create another class on a different day of the week. Please email if you're interested:  vteam@vincentspano.com )

In the past I've taught live classes, one-on-one coaching sessions, and now I'm very excited to teach this online scene study class. I’m on an unavoidable hiatus from acting and directing work (in both film and television), along with all of my fellow brothers and sisters out there, so this is a unique period that has opened up more time for me to hold class. If we have to do this remotely online, then so be it! We will still expand our craft, experience growth and enjoy creating. This course is suited for both beginners and those of you who already have some acting experience.

For more about how I work as a teacher and testimonials from former students, please check out my:

"One-On-One" Coaching page

Everyone who signs up will participate in six classes on Zoom over six consecutive Wednesday afternoons/evenings.

Hours will be from 1PM PST/4PM EST until 4PM PST/7PM EST (and please be prepared for class to go possibly longer than three hours.)

After you sign up, you'll be contacted and a scene will be chosen for you to work on for your first class. All classes will include a simple overview of the class structure, an intro of how I like to work and my thoughts on acting in general. I'll also share terms I like to use when it comes to 'what it is' that we do. This will also be an open forum to get any of your questions answered. Don't be surprised if there are improvs to accompany and deepen the assigned scene you're working on. There will also be an option to discuss ideas and strategies when it comes to interfacing with the industry.

New scenes will be assigned during the course, based on progress in the current scene you're working on. You can always rehearse between classes with your scene partner if you choose, but this is not required ... self-reliance when it comes to preparation is priceless.

Limitations only really exist inside our own minds ... and I think you'll be quite pleased with what we can accomplish together online.

I really hope you'll be able to join the class and I look forward to seeing you soon!



If you have any further questions, please email us at:


Copyright Notice: Sessions are to be experienced live, and no audio or video recording of any of the classes is permitted.

Class Cancellations: Should you be unable to attend for any reason, please inform us in writing no later than 3 days prior to your first class for a refund. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received less than 3 days prior to your first class.




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